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SOKARIS INGENIERIE is active in several industries such as Aerospace, Automotive, Rail, Defence & Security and Industry.

Expert in structural optimization and developing design methodologies and calculations, SOKARIS INGENIERIE offers innovative solutions in the fields of weight reduction.

The integration of Product/Process has enabled the company to gain expertise in the development of reliable technical and economical solutions for industrialization.


The challenge of Aviation Industry is the constant growth of air transport in a world concerned with preserving the environment for future generations.


As part of this objectives, SOKARIS INGENIERIE combines technological breakthroughs and research of new materials, new processes, with controlled economic objective.

The company operates throughout the process of research and product development with reliable solutions adapted to the specificities and constraints of each project.


Our expertise with our creativity allows us to provide complete solutions to each project


Innovative consulting for a global studies “Product / Process”, we assume responsibility for projects with an accompaniment of our best specialists in development of complex mechanical and mechatronic systems


Always respecting the environment, SOKARIS INGENIERIE, aware of growing urbanization, is committed to combining new technologies and capability constraints a changing world.


Specifications to industrialization, SOKARIS INGENIERIE is involved will accompany you beyond the product development cycle.

Our team, expert in the most advanced technologies, targets investment, costs and also, mass optimization and product cost.


With its experience in the field of structural optimization, SOKARIS INGENIERIE supports its customers in developing their products by offering technological breakthroughs that allow them to achieve their technical and economic objectives.


SOKARIS INGENIERIE participates in the development and optimization of mass optronic systems.


SOKARIS INGENIERIE designs on behave of its customers industrial equipement products and test benches for the validation of components or systems for the Aerospace, Automotive and other Industries.


Backed by its multidisciplinary technical competences, the SOKARIS INGENIERIE team monitors its projects with performance guarantees, confirming the security of their methodologies – total risk control – and their  strong customer commitment.

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