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Bearer of a culture of innovation, SOKARIS INGENIERIE is a privileged partner to conduct your research projects and innovation through collaborative projects or in direct cooperation with its customers.

We provide dedicated resources for research, scientific expertise and a network of qualified partners.

Convinced that the activity of mechanical engineering must focus on actions with high added value, we conduct in-house or in collaboration, applied research projects.




parameterized Optimizing


To assist in product design, SOKARIS INGENIERIE develops optimization methods that can automate iterative phases of the design process. These tools are interfaced with state of the art of software.


Topology optimization for additive manufacturing


Definition of a topological optimization method that is intimately linked with the additive manufacturing process




Optimization of 3D ISO rating


SOKARIS INGENIERIE is a member of the collaborative research project QUICK GPS” by two clusters ASTech Paris Region and Systematic, which aim to adapt the 3D tolerancing methods modeling in 3D.


In this context, SOKARIS INGENIERIE has developed an optimization module of the distribution of tolerances in 3D rib chains.
CORAC : Platform propulsion technology demonstration
VANILLA project Validation Platform Broad and innovative light”:
In partnership with SNECMA / SOFRANCE, design and manufacturing of a demonstrator Fuel filter” new generation.

In partnership with SNECMA, design and manufacturing of a demonstrator optimized pipeline“, a new concept Firewall and reducing the number of components, significant weight lost and validation of modular bondage arm.



Through these projects, SOKARIS INGENIERIE is continualling expanding its scientific knowledge base, enabling it to offer its clients original and innovative solutions to reduce routine engineering costs.




Our other areas of expertise



Architecture Systems

Architecture Systems

Numerical Simulation

Numerical Simulation


Optimization & Weight Reduction

Optimization & Weight Reduction

Physical Measurements

Physical Measurements

Manufacturing Additive

Manufacturing Additive

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