Manufacturing process from the source


Mechanical system architecture

Advanced Design and Optimization

Numerical modeling and simulation


Physical measurements

Sokaris Ingenierie develops complex parts and systems and supervises the entire development process, from specifications to industrialization. The transformation of the concept into an optimal part includes the integration of the manufacturing process from the development phase. Our employees rely on in-depth expertise in the following manufacturing processes: metal and polymer pressure injection, thermoforming and additive manufacturing.



Sokaris Ingenierie offers a turnkey service by providing engineering support from specifications to industrialization.

The analysis of the specifications is useful to have an overall understanding of the project and to make possible counter-proposals. In addition, in order to guarantee a relevant process & material coupling, we lead a comparative analysis according to your expectations and your technical and economic challenges. The final goal is to get a solution that combines the right material, in the right place with the right manufacturing process. This approach may involve the use of multi-material assemblies.

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We offer different and optimal geometries thanks to the introduction of methodologies whose efficiency is based on optimization algorithms.

Thanks to the simultaneous topological optimization on multi-components with multi-materials and with consideration of the assemblies, we can significantly improve our reactivity. Indeed, we will obtain differentiating and marketable concepts meeting mechanical criteria.

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Numerical modeling and simulation

Expert in numerical modeling and simulation, SOKARIS INGENIERIE performs a range of services in calculation and dimensioning of mechanical parts and systems with companies, with the aim of offering support throughout the development process while providing innovative and optimal technological solutions for each application.

Mechanical Modeling & Simulation

Finite element modeling
Static and dynamic analysis
Distortion & Vibration analysis
Thermal analysis
Simulation of articulated systems
Multi-material assembly technologies
Material behavior and damage phenomena
Fluid mechanics
Crash calculation

Vibro-acoustic modeling & simulation

Dynamic response calculation
Dynamic stiffness research
Inertance calculations
NASTRAN Finite elements
Transmission loss on component
Acoustic radiation
Acoustic / structure coupling


Thermal and fluid modeling & simulation

Contact definition
Phase change material
Thermo-mechanical coupling

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Systems Modeling & Simulation

Articulated systems
Mechanical connections

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Our engineering team takes into account the phase of industrialization for any new development or optimization of an existing product that we make. Therefore, the response is adapted according to several factors: the expected technical criteria, the forecast data and the constraints that are implied according to the industrial process that was chosen. In parallele, we also carry out a cost analysis of product & process.

Thanks to this market vision and our network of partners, we are also able to provide support for all of the intermediate steps: supplier consultation, tool manufacturing and initial samples, tests, series life and progress plan.

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Physical measurements

In order to offer a complete turnkey solution, we collaborate with various industrial, academic and qualified laboratory partners. Regarding physical measurements, our support includes:

Determination of load spectrum  – Materials database – Characterization of the fatigue strength of materials & process – Post-processing of calculations, numerical estimation of reliability – Measurements of the component on test bench.

Safety – Comfort – Braking
Shock / Fatigue
Aeraulic / Aero-acoustic
Correlation calculations / tests

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The process at the source

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