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Materials and Processes

Die casting
Additive Manufacturing
Thermoplastic injection, Thermoforming
Forge, Elastomer

Sokaris Ingenierie  put the validation of the manufacturing process as well as the choice of material at the heart of development. The aim is to offer a global and optimal solution that will combine the best industrial technology and the best material according to the criteria of the project. This multidisciplinary expertise also makes possible the simultaneous topological optimization of multi-components and multi-materials with consideration of assembly technologies.


Sokaris adventure started with the process of die casting. Today, this expertise gives us the opportunity to support our customers from the tooling study up to the validation of the initial samples. We also take into account the increase of the production rate and the whole manufacturing phase thanks to the intervention of our industrial partners.  »

Product development and structural part

High pressure die casting
Low pressure die casting

Gravity casting
Shell mold casting
Sand casting
Lost wax casting

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SOKARIS INGENIERIE is an expert in the field of Pressure and Gravity casting: Aluminum, Magnesium, Iron, Steel. That’s why it conducts international audits on behalf of its customers. This expertise makes it possible to intervene in the automotive, aeronautical and transportation and mobility sectors.


Tool development & manufacturing process

Injection tool design
Design of tooling for cutting and finishing steps
Manufacturing process
Material characterization
Filling simulation
Progress plan and mass production life

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“We put our expertise in topological optimization at the service of your additive manufacturing projects. We are also developing design and calculation methodologies suitable for 3D printing for all types of components : polymer and metallic.  »

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Our partner, ERPRO GROUP, one of the main actors in 3D PRINTING:

Leader in the field of additive manufacturing (small, medium and large production) the company offers a wide range of additive manufacturing technologies, completed with expertise in parametric design, machining, plastic injection and finishing process. Erpro Group continuously invests in new additive manufacturing technologies which helps to maintain a strong position in this field of activity.



« We integrate calculation since the design step in order to be reactive and to offer solutions that guarantee the mechanical strength criteria as soon as possible. We work particularly for medical, automotive and aeronautical applications.  »

Topological optimization on shape design
Definition of injection point
Fibers orientation
Thermal mold study
Prototype & mass manufacturing

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« Today, thanks to our know-how and the skills acquired over the years from our industrial customers, we design all types of thermoplastic parts and more particularly those of large dimensions.  »

Design and optimization
Prototype & serial production thanks to our industrial partner:
Rolling stock
Transparent part
Automotive protection
Luxury goods, cosmetics

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The parts obtained by forging are more resistant to mechanical stresses since the metal deformation generates a large number of metallurgical phenomena, both at microscopic and macroscopic level.

The high mechanical characteristics of these products obtained by this conversion process are used for safety parts, type « landing gear, wheel kingpin … ».






We take charge of mechanical design and offer serial production thanks to a network of qualified suppliers, mainly for automotive applications: powertrain, seal, shock absorption.  »

Heat generation in rubber due to distortion: thermomechanical coupling with behavior of elastomer

Distribution of forces in seal
Elastomeric materials & behavior
Contact interface behavior &  elastoplastic calculation


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Transformation of the following materials: Aluminum – Magnesium – HLE Steel – Maraging – Nickel, titanium, inconel  – Polymer and Elastomer
Characterization of metallic materials: Aluminum – Magnesium – Maraging
Characterization of polymer materials: Polyamide – Polycarbonate – PEEK

Our other areas of expertise

Mechanical system architecture

Mechanical system architecture

Advanced Design and Optimization

Advanced Design and Optimization

Numerical modeling & Simulation

Numerical modeling & Simulation


Industrialization & Physical measurements

Industrialization & Physical measurements

Software engineering

Software engineering

Process & Material

Process & Material

Benchmarking Process




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